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2022-10-25 19:02来源:中国道路运输网


  Recently, 15 Farizon C12E EV buses are being shipped to New Zealand. The shipment marked the initial market entry of Farizon pure electric city busesin New Zealand.


  The Farizon C12E EV Bus adopts a new platform design with light-weight aluminum alloy body, achieving a comprehensive cruising range of more than 300 kilometers. In view of the terrain characteristics of New Zealand, Farizon further upgrades the power system to make the bus more powerful, reaching a maximum gradient of 15%. Taking into consideration the local traveling habits, Farizon comprehensively optimizes the interior layout of seats, armrests, bells, USB interfaces, etc. A wheelchair area for the disabled is also set up in the bus to better suit the passengers inneed.


  Up to now, FarizonBus has completed the test run in countries including the UK, Thailand, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates. In the future, Farizon Bus will build a new benchmark for green and sustainable development of the global bus industry with world-class standards, further improve the market share of its products, continue to expand the global market, contribute to a better landscape of future transportation and showcase the advantage of China's intelligent manufacturing.