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女士们,先生们:Ladies and gentlemen, 下午好! Good afternoon! //


      Welcome to the Higer booth to witness the global launch of new products! //

       当今世界日新月异,汽车行业风起云涌,海格客车顺应汽车行业发展趋势,加大技术创新投入,// 不断推出适应市场和满足客户需求的产品,不断扩大客车行业的市场版图,成为中国制造装备走向世界的生力军。//

      The world is changing with each passing day; the automobile industry is raging like a rising wind and scudding clouds, while Higer is keeping abreast of the development trend of the automobile industry; // increasing investment in technological innovation; launching products that meet the needs of the market and satisfying customers' requirements continuously, and expanding the market territory of the bus & coach industry constantly, and becoming a new force for Chinese manufacturing equipment to go to the global market.


      Over the past years, Higer always devotes itself in bus& coach industry. //


      Twelve years ago, Higer has set out the step into the world's high-end market, and the high-end buses were exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as France and Belgium.//


      HIGER products include over 300 models ranged from 4 meters to 18 meters and has been sold over 300,000 units and exported to more than 120 countries and regions.// While pursuing the globalization development, Higer accelerating the pace of localization production as well. We have built SKD/CKD plants in 18 countries such as Algeria and Russia, which promoted the development of the local economy and contributed to the “Belt and Road” initiative.


      HIGER has nearly 1,000 international talent sresponsible for developing international market and serving international customers. //


      From product export to the output of technology brands, Higer focuses on the electrification, intelligence, network, and sharing direction to welcome the arrival of the intelligent driving age.


      We officially upgraded the brand concept of “HIGER takes you higher” recently, accelerated the pace of international strategic cooperation, and worked closely with world-leading companies such as Cummins, ZF, Voith, etc. to fully implement the high-end product strategy and start new Journey of globalization.


      In the future, with the concept of human orientation, innovation drive and technology leadership, HIGER will strive to be a world leading public transport solution provider, and make contributions to global public transport and environmental protection.

Thank you! 

海格客车董事长 陈笃廉